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BOREWELL Protected source to avoid contaminations like Leaves, papers, Suspended Dust and etc.
CHLORINE  DOSER  Dosing of Sodium Hypo Chlorite Solution at the rate of 3-5 ppm for initial disinfection to kill microbiological contaminants.
RAW WATER TANK Primary storage source for treating the water and for sedimentation of suspended particles with reasonable retention time.
PRESSURE SAND FILTER    The system which removes suspended matter of micron rating in the raw water and enhancing transparency of water. Back washing facility is available to remove / takeout the suspended matter.
ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER The system which neutralize the free residual Chlorine and removes pesticides,oil residues, bad odour, colour and trace organics. Back washing facility is available.
PRE- MICRON FILTERS The micron cartridge filters (10 M & 5 M) removes smaller size of particles like sediments, parasites, eggs and etc.,
HIGH PRESSURE PUMP The high pressure pump is affording external pressure to feed the pre-filtered water in to the R.O. System to isolate solute and solvent.
RO SYSTEM         The R.O. system consists of R.O. membranes which has pore size of 0.0001 m is effectively removes dissolved solids upto 98%+,ensures salt passage of maximum 2%
POST- MICRON FILTERS The micron filters (0.5M) which removes organisms like virus, Bacterial Cells, Spores of Yeast and mould, etc.,
UV STERILISER UV sterilizer consists of UV lamps, which kills the harmful bacteria present in water by mutation.
OZONATOR Ozone which kills maximum micro-organisms. The reaction rate is 3200 times faster than chemical treatment.
FILLING SECTION Product water is filled in BT cans, bottles by automatic rinsing, filling and capping machine.
QC LAB The product water would be tested in house lab & BIS approved out side lab for quality confirmation.
FINISHED PRODUCT The products are ready for sales.
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