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Ozone is a three-atom form of oxygen
- it's quite simple, when O2 interacts with electricity in a specially designed generator, some of the atoms split and become O3.
OZONE PURIFIES. Because it eliminates chloramines, burning eyes, skin irritations and hair discoloration.
OZONE SANITIZES. As the most effective vital disinfectant known, it kills bacteria, viruses and fungus on contact.
OZONE DISINFECTS. Oxidizes all organic matter...breaks down fat and oils, coagulating small particles so they can be filtered away.
OZONE STERILIZES. Today it is the preferred purifying treatment for many municipal water systems and bottled water.
OZONE DEODORIZES. No harsh chlorine odor, fumes or taste. Get rid of that offensive "swimming pool" smell for good.
OZONE IS SAFE. Because it reverts back to oxygen, it forms no undesirable residuals. Actually removes scale build-up.
OZONE CUTS COSTS. Extends life of spa and equipment - as it reduces costs of chemicals, labor and water usage.

UV Sterilizer basically consists of UV lamps and water passes through vertical polymer tubes, having water inlet and outlet nozzles. The UV lamp emits ultraviolet rays, which kill the harmful bacteria present in water. The UV sterilizer is made of high quality S.S. grade. U.V. light bulbs look like a fluorescent light bulbs.

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