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This filtered water with the turbidity less than 5NTU will be fed into the Ultra filtration unit into the UF modules to remove colloidal silica and related colloids of iron, aluminum and manganese in water causing fouling and poor performance of the plant.  High-pressure boilers, cooling towers and reverse osmosis are adversely affected by colloids, which cause scaling, loss of efficiency and premature equipment failure. The colloidal particle has the size of less than 0.1 micron and may be associated with other ions such as iron, aluminum and manganese.  Ultra filtration is a low pressure, cross flow filtration technique that separates particles at the molecular level (0.01 microns) and removes colloidal silicates.

RO membranes are sensitive to colloidal silica, particular and organic matter fouling, which result in extensive cleaning cycle, higher operating cycles and frequent replacement.  Ultra filtration is the best pre treatment technology for ensuring consistent, cost effective RO performance.  Pre treatment with ultra filtration reduces the Silt Density Index as per the membrane manufacturer limiting conditions and provides Low fouling feed water to the RO.  UF system can easily be cleaned with aggressive chemicals such as caustic and chlorine (100 ppm) and the hollow fibers will be periodically back flushed to remove particulate fouling.  Easy cleaning allows the UF system to be used to capture troublesome water impurities keeping them out of the RO.  As a result, we can achieve better RO performance, lower operating pressures; reduce energy consumption, longer membrane life and fewer operational upsets. Prior to being fed into the UF modules, the water is passed through a Micron strainer filter to prevent the particulate matter from entering the ultra-filtration module and to prevent the UF modules from being choked. UF system is automatically operated with pneumatically actuated valves controlled by PLC. This will automatically initiate Back flush for 1 minutes to 2 minutes every hour. This will ensure thorough cleaning of the Ultra-filtration membranes. Pressure gauges are provided at the inlet feed, reject drain and the permeate connections of the modules system.

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